Hebrews 5: 1-10
Mark 2: 18-22


In today’s readings, we hear that the new way of living and relating, of which Jesus speaks and gives witness to, cannot be contained by old structures and rituals. Rather, it is in the interruptions that signs of hope, joy, and faith shine through, and which God is calling forth. It reminds me that, to quote my Sisters; “Life is in the interruptions”. A simple phrase with so much deep meaning

Our readings today leave a sense of the interconnected relationship with advent through the call to remain watchful and faithful. Guiding me to a thought… I’ve become good at digging for treasure. My hands are never clean because to find beauty you’ve often have to break hard soil, clawing it back to the place where things grow and where hope is planted. It is always dark and broken and so deep that you cannot imagine anything would survive.

But how can we know life until we’ve identified with death? Hasn’t this always been the way we are reborn? Nature teaches us this daily! This is where it cracks wide and unfurls and flourishes into the light, budding into the kind of fruit that stains your cheek with nectar and gushes like sweet wine.

An invitation presented – Our world is calling for some signs of hope, digging, faithfulness, watching and nourishment of the budding that is taking place in so many different forms. May we continue to embrace the interruptions of life.

Sr Karen Englebretsen CP, Cross and Passion Sisters. blessed to be a spiritual care worker in the homeless sector in Melbourne.