Hebrews 11:1-7
Mark 9:2-13


I love weddings because no matter what our personal experience is, no matter how many times our heart has been broken or even butchered and broken down, we still believe in love. 

Yesterday I was part of a beautiful wedding of two exceptionally fine young people. It has been my privilege to have known this couple as friends for a number of years. It was a wonderful night as we shared the love they have travelled so far and the faith they have in each other and the future by promising their lives before God to be shared eternally from this moment forward.

Today is a recovery day. Brunch. Sharing some laughs and some tears as we relive last night. The last time we did this with this family, we went over the bar bill for some light entertainment. Someone had put on the bar bill a packet of potato chips!!! You mean, with all that food, you felt hungry!!

And that’s what today is. Today is the day we come down from the mountain. Today is the day the rubber meets the road. Today is the day we swap the strawberries and ice cream for dirty washing and sports runs.

And they have their own moments of beauty. Don’t be afraid to find them.

Some years ago, a woman said to me after Church one Sunday, “you know, Peter, you only really have one sermon”. I was a bit miffed, thinking I put a bit of work into my sermons each week. I regathered some composure and asked her what that one sermon was.

She said, “The beauty of everyday life.”

Peter Gardiner is a Passionist Priest in Sydney. He is primarily involved in outreach ministries.