James 1:1-11
Mark 8:11-13


“In today’s gospel, we see the Pharisees ask for a sign. A sign that God or the word from Jesus is real. Jesus is dismayed that they need a sign and travels away. 

My own namesake also asked for a sign. Doubting Thomas, the disciple, was a follower of Jesus, and even he didn’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus until he was given proof of the holes in the hands of Jesus.

Upon my reflections, I see this Gospel not as a way of chastising us for not believing without a sign but as one of love, one that has patience for us in the modern era. It shows us that even those who saw Jesus in the flesh had struggles, just as we do.

I hope that in the future, I can have the same patience with the people around me as Jesus has with all of us. His patience for us to find and discover the truth will always lead us to a greater understanding of true unconditional love”.

Thomas Warren.