Genesis 3: 9-24
Mark 8: 1-10


Our readings today remind us that we are always in need of nourishment and we are presented with choices. In our first reading the couple make a choice which is not life-giving and pass the blame to another. We know that this is a very human reaction and often prevails in our interactions with one another when blame is projected rather than acknowledged.

Our Gospel shows that Jesus comes with an alternative way. He recognises the needs of those who are following and he sees the potential of each one. They have been with him, listening and walking with him and now they are hungry. Jesus consults the disciples and clearly, they feel he has given them an impossible task to feed so many in a deserted place. Notice what happens next, Jesus uses what they already have, blesses it, sits them in groups and invites the disciples to distribute food. They had companionship and enough food for all with some to spare.

When we look out at the needs of the world around us many are seeking nourishment whether because of homelessness, displacement, loss, loneliness, physical or spiritual poverty. In the face of such need, we often feel helpless with limited resources, yet called to take our cue from Jesus. We discover that when we acknowledge what gifts people have and connect them to one another, a sharing follows, community forms and needs are met.

Where do I go for nourishment and with whom do I share so we are all empowered to nourish others. When we are able to make life-giving choices, we are empowered for the journey and in turn we can empower others.

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes which is very significant for many people and Lourdes has become a place of healing and nourishment for many and so today let us pray for all who seek hope and healing that they will find places of nourishment.

Sr. Brigid Murphy CP
Sisters of the Cross & Passion,