Isaiah 11:1 – 10
Lk 10:21-24


Today’s Gospel reminds me of a story that I heard about a great orator. His audience was spellbound by him and delighted in his skill. After a series of readings, he decided to do Psalm 23, and after it, he got a standing ovation. But just then a little old lady came to the podium and read Psalm 23, and there was dead silence. People had tears in their eyes as they heard her. The orator saw that they had been deeply moved by her and in great annoyance he said to her, “You know, you weren’t very good. Your voice is very ordinary, you put emphasis in the wrong places, etc., but I have never moved people the way you did. How did you do it?” She replied, “You are a very good orator, and there is no doubt you know Psalm 23. But I know the Shepherd.”

Fr. Ray Sanchez CP is the leader of the Oxley community and is responsible for Parish Missions and Retreats throughout Australia and NZ.