Isaiah 2: 1-5
Matthew 8: 5-11


In Isaiah’s reading it talks about God’s promise to become a holy city and it holds true… we are asked to walk in the light.

In the Gospel today we hear words that we hear every week… but do we really listen to them?  Do we have an act faith in a God who keeps promises?

“Lord, I’m not worthy that you should enter under my roof…. But only say the word and my son (soul) shall be healed”.

We experience this in eucharist, and we hear it in scripture with the man who wanted his son to be healed and had faith that God’s promise will hold true.   As we journey towards Christmas, perhaps the time to think about God’s promise is now.   God’s promise of unconditional love, God’s promise that God will never forsake or leave us, that in our pain and suffering and in our joy and celebration, God is with us. And like Jesus he is amazed at our faith, to believe even when we don’t feel or see.   That joy comes in the morning, in the light.

Going back to the gift of the Eucharist where we listen and lean on faith, where we repeat those words of, I’m not worthy but only say the word… I feel like God is really championing me (us) at that moment… Go you… yes of course receive me so that you can become more like me.  Yes, you’re not worthy but your faith makes you worthy.

I’d like to share a song for you today to listen to on Spotify or Apple Music… cause music is a great way for God to speak to us and I love Lauren Daigle 

It’s called “Trust in you” by Lauren Daigle

Jo McDade is the Team Manager of The Passionist Youth Retreat Team, Wife and Mother of 4 kiddos and basically a spiritual person on a human experience!