Second Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 11:1-10
Romans 15:4-9
Matthew 3:1-12


These scriptures keep pointing to the spirit of God and the fruits of the spirit backed by Baptism we have everything we need (thanks to God) to live a life worthy of love.  It’s so good that we want to go out and tell others about it.

Be warned when you open yourself up to God and invite the sprit to move in you and through you and “Thy will be done” be prepared for an avalanche and a pouring out of the holy spirit of ways you never expect. I had one of these moments last year.  I manage and lead our retreat team in QLD. Last year we facilitated 42 retreats throughout Australia which was our best ever yet!   I asked God to reign down and give us what we need, I asked for more retreats so that that we can “do. Say and live and breathe the God of love into as many young people’s lives for 2022.  What I didn’t expect was the how much God gives us when we ask in earnest.   This year we toped 80 retreats (again our best yet!). More importantly our impact to young people was over 7300 young people through Australia.   Our team have had a baptism of fire, an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit… I can’t help but give God all the glory for this and thank God for this precious gift we have in this moment of time. 

The spirit will give us everything we need… wisdom, insight, council, power, knowledge, wonder, encouragement.

The question is “What would you like the spirit to give you as you finish off the year and lead into 2023?”

Jo McDade is the Team Manager for The Passionist Youth Retreat Team. Wife and Mother of 4.  Enjoying the sunshine in Brisbane.