1 John 2:18-21
John 1:1-18


John’s magnificent, cosmic vision of “the Word that was made flesh (a baby) and dwelt amongst us.”…. giving us the power “to be children of God.” Stunning gift!

The Child in the poem of Francis Thompson’s “Little Jesus.”came immediately to mind one Christmas morning celebrating Mass. In a converted stable (horse stalls and all) in the Adelaide Hills. His “Child” was mesmerized by the idea of a God-Child’

“Jesus, wast Thou shy

once and just as small as I?

And what did it feel like to be

out of heaven and just like me?

Didst Thou sometimes think of there

and wonder where all the angels were?

I think that I would cry

For my house all made of sky.

And at waking would distress me

Not an angel there to dress me!

Didst Thy Mother at the night

Kiss Thee and fold the clothes in tight?

And didst Thou feel quite good in bed

Kissed and sweet and Thy prayers said?

Take me by the hand and walk,

And listen to my baby talk.

To Thy Father, show my prayer

And say, “Oh Father, I Thy Son,

Bring prayers of this little one”

And He will smile, that childrens’ tongue

Hath not changed since “thou wast young”.

That Word is made flesh in us and our world every day. As “Children of God”, how could we not wonder!!

David Peter Folkes is a former Passionist Priest who resigned and married with 2 children and 2 grandchildren living in Chicago. He is mostly involved with refugee resettlement and racial equity issues.