Daniel 7: 15 – 27
Luke 21: 34 – 36


Today is the last day of the liturgical Year. We thank God for empowering, comforting, and also challenging our spiritual growth through different liturgical seasons throughout the year. As we conclude the liturgical year, the tone of the liturgical readings in the last few days is about the signs and indications regarding the end of times.

Though Jesus mentions the disasters that is to occur in a frightful way, he tells his disciples not to be terrified. Instead, he encourages them to be watchful and sober; staying awake and committed in prayer.

So, when we are struck by adversities what do we do? Like the disciples in the boat, tossed by the waves, are we going to be worried? Or are we going to keep our focus steady on Jesus?

The kingdom of light and truth that Jesus came to establish will eventually replace the kingdom of darkness and deception. Thus, he invites us to be strengthened in our hope and grow in faith and love.

This encompasses awareness of the truth made known to us in Divine Revelation and resistance to the harmful attractions and distractions of this world. A prayerful vigilance on the dynamics of our souls is a participation in the risen life of Jesus.      

Have a fruitful and joyful waiting time in the Advent season in preparation for Christmas.

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St.Paul, Glen Osmond, SA.