Isaiah 29: 17-24
Matthew 9: 27-31


Advent means ‘coming’. It’s a time to prepare for the coming of Jesus. The coming of Jesus is seen in three dimensions. 1. We commemorate the first coming of Jesus two thousand years ago. 2. We look forward in hope for the second coming of Jesus at the end of times. 3. Our encounter with Jesus in our daily life experiences.

The third dimension has more weight as it deals with here and now. How does Jesus come into our lives today? As I was reflecting on this question my thoughts took me to the life of Christ presented in the gospel accounts. Whose lives did Jesus enter in the gospel? All those who had a deep longing for him; all those who knew and believed that He was the Saviour – were the ones who encountered and welcomed the Lord into their lives. We have an example of the two blind men in today’s gospel who had the longing for sight and believed that Jesus could heal them. There are so many in whose lives Jesus entered as a result of their longing and faith. To name few: the Samaritan woman, Zaccheus, the Centurion, woman with hemorrhage, the good thief and many others. They all had a deep longing for Jesus.

When we long for the Lord we find Him and He comes into us. What about those who are unaware of this longing. That is where the mission of the Church is: to help one another to discover this longing in each one of us. That is where the purpose of evangelization lies: to help one another to discover the longing for God who beautifully manifested in the person of Christ.

So let’s welcome Jesus. Come Lord Jesus! We long for you.       

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St. Joseph’s, Hobart.