Exodus 34: 29-35
Matthew 13: 44-46


In the parable of the hidden treasure and the fine pearls, the person goes and sells all that he had to get that treasure and the fine pearls because he knew the value of it. To know the value, one needs wisdom. The value of kingdom of Heaven is known by divine wisdom.

The wisdom of St. Augustine says that our hearts are made for God. And they will never rest until they rest in God. In other words, St. Augustine was convinced that the ultimate purpose of life is the union with God.

One of the Ancient Tamil wisdom literature, “Thirukural” which literally means “Sacred Voice” (Thiru = Sacred, Kural = Voice) authored by Thiruvalluvar, says that the purpose of education is union with God. He explains the connection between Education and Union with God as one leading to another in a particular progressive structure. Education – Knowledge – Orderly life (with discipline and development of virtues) – Love – Grace – Renunciation – Union with God.

This philosophy reminds me of the rich young man who came to Jesus with a desire for eternal life. Jesus asked him to live an orderly life based on commandments and then renounce everything in order to follow him to have eternal life, which is union with God. I think this is wisdom unfolding the value of life.

Besides, the gospel shows that the wisdom of God was not only manifested in the words and works of Jesus but very profoundly in the passion and death of Jesus. St. Paul of the Cross discovered this truth in his life. This truth enabled him to be in union with the crucified Christ.

“Your crosses, dear God, are the joy of my heart. How beautiful to suffer with Jesus!” – St. Paul of the Cross.

Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the Passionist community at St.Paul, Glen Osmond, SA.