Jeremiah 30: 1-2, 12-15, 18-22.
Matthew 14: 22 – 36


The gospel today presents the terrifying situation of the disciples. The disciples in the boat were battling with a heavy sea. The gospel says they were far out on the lake ( away from Jesus). After a while Jesus is found walking on the lake towards the boat. If walking on the lake is a wonder, what about God becoming man? Do we take incarnation for granted? Jesus does something extraordinary because his love compels him to do so. Can we believe that God works in mysterious ways in our lives?

Like Peter we might get excited to walk on the lake like Jesus. However the raw reality makes us tremble. At those moments are we able to say, “ Lord, save me!”? This humble prayer need to sink into our being, for we are all still people with little faith; struggling with fears and doubts.

As Peter and Jesus got into the boat, the other men bowed down with reverence. This is our spontaneous response when we witness and recognize the wonders of the Lord. A deep adoration and respect springs out as a fruit of our encounter.
Today let us thank the Lord:

  • For mysteriously walking towards us to help us.
  • For saving us when we drown because of our little faith.
  • For provoking in us a sense of adoration and reverence.

Fr. Justin Durai Raj CP is a member of the community at St. Joseph’s, Hobart.