Exodus 12: 1-8, 11-14
1 Corinthians 11: 23-26
John 13: 1-15


‘Whenever you do this, remember me …’

Today’s Feast has always spoken deeply to my heartfelt faith. As a youngster celebrating in the pre-Vatican II Latin rites, the music, the solemn procession, the majesty of prayer and ritual telling the sacred story moved me deeply. In the post-Vatican II era, I began to understand the fuller significance of Holy Thursday, both liturgically and theologically.

I am very thankful that my faith was nourished firstly from my heart and then from my head, offering me such rich ground in which to keep growing in awareness and appreciation of the significance of today’s scriptural reflections and commemorations and their empowering presence in my own activities.

Our Readings speak of Jesus’ witness of self-giving love … in the total sharing of himself, in his service to others, whatever the cost … and his intention that this continues long past the coming events of the next few days of his life.

Holy Thursday has become very meaningful for me as a celebration of ministry and service, not just that of Jesus and his disciples, or of ordained and professed men and women, but of ALL of us together, sharing in the ‘Common Priesthood of All Believers’ (Vat 11).

It is important that I linger in reflection on this Holy Thursday to experience such inclusiveness and such intimate embrace of belonging, to open myself to a boost in experiential faith in the light of ‘things to come’. The way we look at things is not simply a private matter. Our outlook actually affects what goes on. Each in our own way, can choose to become an active force of renewal and encouragement in the world. So I ask myself: How does this generational memory move me today?

Pam Storey is a member of the Passionist Faith Community at Holy Cross, Templestowe, and one of the founding members of Passionist Companions. After a very active and varied family, church and working life, Pam is now focusing on developing a slow spirituality.