Acts 3:11-26
Luke 24:35-48


In the gospel, the disciples, overwhelmed with confusion and doubt following Jesus’ crucifixion, are astounded by his sudden appearance among them. In this moment, Jesus does not merely offer comfort; he offers understanding. He opens their minds to comprehend the Scriptures, connecting the dots between the prophecies and his own life, death, and resurrection.¬†

Just as he appeared to the disciples, he continues to reveal himself to us in unexpected ways: through Scripture, prayer, community, and the events of our lives. When we encounter Christ, our perspectives shift, and we gain insight into the divine plan woven throughout history. His presence brings clarity and reassurance, transforming our confusion into conviction. Which, in fact, compels us, as followers of Christ, to live and share the incredible news of his resurrection and the salvation it brings.

Giltus Mathias CP is the parish priest at St.Brigid’s Chruch Marrickville