Isaiah 49:1-6
John 13:21-33, 36-38


The gospels are really heating up as Jesus puts things in place to bring into fruition his journey towards death. 

Still giving everyone a choice to choose if they decide to do it or not. Jesus offers Judas a way out, an option to betray him whilst sitting around in what would look like a relaxed meal.   He also predicts that Peter will deny him in the same gospel. As we see in the next chapter of the gospels, these things happen.  

So in this story, what are some key take homes for us to reflect on? 

Firstly, we always have an opportunity to exercise free will. Jesus is always inviting, placing people and life in our way to give us choices in how we respond and react to situations. Are we choosing to serve and be obedient to his will or are we choosing a roundabout way, not quite getting the message yet?

My humanness is constantly at war with my spiritual side. In real life, with real people and relationships, I’m constantly challenged to choose a more heavenly way. Seeking personal metanoia (love that word) to change my mind and have a spiritual conversion, to be more like Jesus every day in the little and big choices I make. 

Secondly, the gospel today talks about Jesus going away, and we can’t be with him yet.  There is hope there. Hope that one day we will meet our heavenly father, with all the angles and saints, that we will be with our loved ones again, that Jesus will greet us in a big fat embrace, and we will be filled with love and peace (and my body will no longer have aches, but I will be a fast runner like Cathy Freeman). Clinging to this hope in heaven… we keep going. 

Jo McDade is the Team Manager of The Passionist Youth Retreat Team, Wife and Mother of 4 kiddos and basically a spiritual person on a human experience!