Acts 3:1-10
Luke 24:13-35


In scriptural texts, when we read of the ‘days’ of the week my mind goes to the creation narrative. It may never have been the intention of the author (or of the Spirit that inspired the composers of the gospels), to see the resurrection as a new first day of ‘creation’, and the insights gained along the way to Emmaus as a new ray of light into the world, but at least it resonates with me.

In our story today – for me the loveliest of the attempts to explain or describe the experience of resurrection – we see not a movement from a dark void to light, but a movement from uncertainty, disappointment, and loss to new hope. It is akin to a light being shone and illuminating the way forward for the two disciples.

The experience of Clopas and his companion is ours too. They discover Christ amid their relationship and in its ordinary, mundane moments just as many couples and partners do. They sense him when their sharing is open and intimate, as do many when they dare to reveal true feelings and become vulnerable to each other. They discover Christ in listening to the Word and being open to its message as we do in quiet moments and when the Word is broken open for us in homily or instruction. They discover his presence when they are invitational and hospitable an invite Jesus ‘in’, just as each stranger can be a face of Jesus for us too. However, all this does not come to fruition and insight, clarity, and empowerment till they share Eucharist – and they recognise him in the breaking of the bread.

So, like them, let us always be ready ‘to set out at once’ and bring the good news of the resurrection to our brothers and sisters.

Fr. Denis Travers C.P. is the provincial of the Passionists of Holy Spirit Province.