Acts 9: 31-42
John 6: 60-69


A great children’s game is ‘Hide and Seek.’ The thrill of hiding in the darkest corner of the house or just behind the curtain was so much fun. How long would it take for the other person to find me? I remember hearing doors open suddenly, things being moved about, shouting out, and then suddenly, I was found. There would be laughter, roles would be swapped, and the game would repeat. Peter’s heartfelt response to Jesus – Lord, to whom shall we go? – is a bit like this game, only this time, the Twelve have been found and don’t want to leave the One who has found them in their hiding places. How sad Jesus must have been when those that had started to follow him suddenly had had enough. But Peter realised that they had nowhere else to go. They had found what they had been searching for. So it is decision time for us too: either I decide to stay with Jesus, or I walk away.

Peter’s profession of faith came straight from the heart. His words are almost the same as those that he proclaimed in Caesarea Philippi, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matt 16:16) – Jesus IS the Saviour.

Did Peter understand what he was saying? Probably not. But his words were recorded for all to read, mediate on and live.

In today’s reading from Acts 9 the words and actions of Peter are identical to Jesus’. We read how Peter cured Aeneas and Tabitha. On both occasions, he says, “Get up!” These are the same words that Jesus used when he cured the paralytic, the son of the widow at Nairn and Jairus’ daughter. Peter has gone from being an observer of miracles to now being gifted with the Spirit to perform miracles in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ name means ‘God saves’. When we invoke his name we, in turn, receive the graces that Peter received to be able to go out. And with faith, miracles will happen.

Mary’s Magnificat sings of God’s holy name, of the blessings that have been lavished upon her and of the mercy, power and glory of God. Enjoy listening to this

Victoria Raw is parishioner of Te Whetu O Te Moana, Star of the Sea Marlborough, NZ and is active in lay ministry.