100 Random Thouhgts on Hope

9th July, 2016

In my ninety four years on this earth, if I have learnt anything, it is that Passionists are called to be beacons of hope. The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus and the sending of the Holy Spirit re the assurances that we have reasons for hope.

At the conclusion of the 15th General Synod of the Passionists, Fr Joachim Rego, CP, said:

“I would like to believe that the gift you will take back to your brothers and sisters in community and mission after this Synod will be one of renewed hope and positive energy. It is true that there are, at times, so many disappointing, de-energising and negative situations with which we are faced … and, so often, we cannot find satisfactory solutions. But, “Be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.” Surprise, fresh starts and new beginnings are always possible!”

I hope that this little book of 100 Random Thoughts on Hope might provide food for the journey, it they might be a catalyst for hope when there is the temptation to be hope-less and that it might inspire us as we continue to strive being a beacon of hope for others.

Download Fr Gerard Mahony Random Thoughts on Hope