100 Random Thoughts On Gratitude

100 Random Thoughts On Gratitude

18th December, 2016

I decided to move things along and get this little booklet, 100 Random Thoughts on Gratitude, out to you in time for Christmas. Could there be a more appropriate time to reflect on gratitude – when the Word became flesh and chose to dwell amongst us?

In my long life, I have so much to thank God for. I grew up in a family that loved me – in the way that people of the early twentieth century did! I had good teachers, whose qualities stay with me still. I am grateful for the beauty of creation. The thing I am most grateful for is my life as a Passionist. My ministries have been rich and rewarding I have lived in community with very good men. My friends have been a huge reason for gratitude.

Can we ever say we are grateful enough for all that has been given to us? We might sometimes think we are and then God gifts us with something more.

So I will just have to continue to say: Thank you, God! Thank you! Thank you!

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