New Zealand

New Zealand

There are four Passionists who either live or work in New Zealand for much of the year.

Marlborough Parish

Te Whetu O te Moana, Star of the Sea Parish, was inaugurated on 1st February 2016, combining the former parishes of Blenheim, Kaikoura and Picton. Since 1 Feb 2017 Fr John Pearce CP is the Parish Priest with Fr Pat McIndoe CP as assistant PP. They live in Blenheim but exercise their ministry across all seven communities of the parish.  They are assisted by diocesan priest Fr Julian Wagg, who live sin Kaikoura.

Their mission is to build this new parish within the diocesan focus on Stewardship.  The parish is an extensive geographical area across the NE of the South Island. Several centres are permanently effected by the earthquakes of recent year. The parish has four Stewardship Areas, where the partnership between local Stewardship Teams and priests gives leadership in response to the pastoral and spiritual needs of their communities. Post-Earthquake response is part of that ministry of healing and development.

Star of the Sea Marlborough parish

Passionist Family Group Movement

The Passionist Family Groups are well settled in New Zealand, with effective leaders across the various regions. Working with them is Templestowe based Fr Brian Traynor CP.  Over many years he has worked with his lay partners in developing healthy leadership models within the movement.

Retired Missionary

After many years of missionary work in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Bro John McGeachie CP now lives in retirement in Auckland. He was formerly director of Dove Travel PNG.